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 Chickens and Superworms / Mealworms


Powerful Protein

1. Just a few Superworms goes a long way.

Make sure you don’t make an entire meal out of your superworms or mealworms. Just a small handful of worms, averaging around 10-20 per chicken, is enough to help boost their protein intake. Generally speaking, adult laying hens should have a diet of approximately 16% protein. Younger chickens and pullets of course have extra protein in their chicken feed, or extra superworms or mealworms in their diet for that matter, to help them as they grow big and strong. Your chikens will of course eat the whole bag if you let them.


2. Power your laying hens with protein.

Protein is an essential part of any living creatures diet, especially chickens. Think about it, chicken eggs are one of the most popular sources of protein available! Not to mention chickens need to have plenty of protein so they can grow lustrous plumage to keep them warm in winter. So, it only makes sense that any  have plenty of protein in their diet. Superworms and mealworms of course the natural choice, as each worm is nearly 50% protein.


3. Superworms and Mealworms help with moulting season.

During moulting season, which generally occurs throughout autumn and spring, it’s essential that every chicken owner boosts their flock’s protein intake in one way or another. Superworms and mealworms are an especially good choice, as they are a dense source of protein, which will help your chicken grow their feathers back in no time. It’s also important to note that your flock’s immune system will be reduced throughout moulting season, so it’s imperative that you fortify their diet with some tasty superworms or mealworms, to help them through this difficult season.


4. Bulk up your eggs with superworms and mealworms.

Naturally, when your chicken has enough protein in their diet, they’ll be able to produce eggs at their peak. There have been many accounts of chicken lovers noticing an improvement in flavour and size of their eggs after they started to feed their flock superworms and  mealworms. Remember, eggs are almost entirely protein, so superworms and mealworm are the perfect eggstra treat in any laying hens diet.


5. You’ll love watching your chickens munching on the worms.


You think your chickens are excited when they lay an egg – just wait until you see how they act when they find out they are having worms for dinner. Sit out on the deck with a cup of coffee and laugh yourself silly when you see how nuts your chickens go when you treat them to a few superworms and  mealworms. Your chickens  will go wild in the best possible way for these deliciousworms.

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