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 High  protein  36% 
Protein is required for the growth, maintenance, and repair of all cells. Therefore, a growing animal needs a lot of protein and so do breeding females.  There is absolutely nothing you can gut load a mealworm or a cricket with that can get you even close to the protein that a dubi naturally provides.  This is why it is not necessary to spend a lot of money on expensive protein gut loads like you have to do with crickets and mealworms.

Slow growing

Unless you are trying to breed these feeders, slow growing is an advantage.  It takes a relatively long time (3-6 months) for dubi to mature to adult size. 

Crickets grow at such a fast rate that if you buy them in volume, most can be too big before you feed them all off.  With dubi this is not an issue, they will stay the size you need for your animal for a few weeks at least depending on how warm you keep them.

A dubi will not harm your animal in any way. 

House friendly 
Dubi will not infest your house if they get loose.  This seems to concern people the most.  We can't tell you how many people who believe that if these get out they will get an infestation.  Dubi need a temperature higher than room temperature to breed. 

Poor climber 
Dubi can't climb glass or plastic so there’s no need to worry about them crawling out of your container. This rule, however, is broken with adult males, which can fly, but not very often and not very well, more like how a turkey flies.  So if you leave the lid off you might end up with males out and about.  Don't worry though. They die quickly due to moisture loss. Nymphs don't have wings. 

Low odor
Compared to other feeders, the odor is minimal.  You probably won’t even notice them. 

Can't jump 
Dubi are easy to capture when dropped and easy to transfer from container to cage for feeding. 

Minimal noise 
Dubi only make noise when they are moving. Switch from crickets to dubi and you will never have that one cricket that got out keeping you awake all night. 

Low maintenance 
Unless you are breeding them, the maintenance is quite simple.  Keep egg crates vertical in a plastic rubber main container.  Use water crystals for water.  Carrots also work well for water.  For food, use vegetables, fruits, dog food.  They eat just about anything.  

High meat-to-shell ratio 
This is another way of saying more nutrients by weight.  Other feeders contain more chitin.  Chitin is indigestible and provides nothing in terms of nutrient for your animal. 

What temperature do I need to keep them? 
Unless you are breeding them, you can keep them at room temperature. 

Dubia Roach

Advantages of using Dubia Roaches as feeders

Roaches are relativly easy to keep for your critter. 

You will need a small plastic container, I keep the cover off and use a piece of fabric and a rubber band to make a lid.

Line the bottom of the container with 1/2 inch of wheat bran, they like to hide in this as well as a food source, egg cartons for them to hid in as well. 

We provide a slice of apple everyday, this is their water source,  take out what ever was not eaten the next day this prevents mold and fruit flys. 

Place your container on a shelf or store under your critters habitat,  that's all there is to store your feeder roaches.

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