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 Mealworm Care sheet


  A count of 250 mealworms can be kept in a medium container with grains, wheat bran, or oatmeal.

Mealworms are relatively easy to take care of and they provide great nutrition for lizards, chickens, birds, rodents, tarantulas, etc.

Mealworms can be put into a refrigerator at 45 °F. (Most people keep their refrigerators much cooler. Check yours before adding the mealworms.)

If you plan on keeping the mealworms longer than 2 weeks remove them from the refrigerator so they can become more active.

When they are active place a slice of a potato onto the grain.

The potato provides moisture for the mealworms.

Allow them to eat overnight, remove the potato and place mealworms  back into the refrigerator.


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