Worm Nerds LLC

You can keep your box of superworms on a shelf, under your pets tank or anywhere really.  The do not like direct sunlight  and  DO NOT REFRIGERATE this will kill your superworms.


Step 1.     You will need a plastic container to keep your Superworms in.  I like to use a plastic shoe box.  You do not need to have a lid, if you do just put a few holes in the lid for air.

Step 5   Put your superworms in.  They will live for several months.  Just keep adding oatmeal as needed and replace your carrots or potatoes as they dry out.

Step 4    Add a piece of paper egg carton or cardboard.  Your worms will climb on and live under this.  They are busy, and this will give them something to climb on and under.

Step 3    Add some peeled carrots or a couple of slices of raw potatoes.  This is how the Superworms get their moisture.

Step 2   Fill your container with quick oats or wheat bran to a depth of 2 inches.   Superworms will live in and eat this.

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